Sunday, June 27, 2010

grilled goodness

tonight's dinner had two themes: almost every item was a) grilled and b) on sale at safeway.

spare ribs were on sale so i went through my folder of bookmarked recipes on my computer and found one that i've been wanting to make: coffee-infused ribs. you make your own bbq sauce (yum) and one of the ingredients in it is coffee.

counter-clockwise, from left: coffee-infused ribs, brussel sprouts, assorted grilled vegetables, brown rice

we weren't planning to make brussel sprouts for dinner but yesterday i saw this really simple but delicious-looking recipe for grilled brussel sprouts, and since they were on sale—why not? topped with shaved parmesan cheese, mmm.

assorted grilled vegetables: portobello mushrooms, bell peppers, zucchini, & eggplant.

we had brown rice because the brussel sprout recipe mentions this:
Oh and in case you are wondering why they are good for you, let me give you a small explanation. Brussel sprouts are high in protein. Although the protein isn’t complete, it can become complete with whole grains. Which means? Yet another way to get complete protein NOT from an animal!! Plus they are low in calorie and high in fiber.
and lastly, we had some buttermilk to use up so for dessert, my mom and i made a lemon buttermilk cake with raspberries.

we used this recipe but instead of frozen strawberries we used fresh raspberries, and we made 3/4 of the frosting recipe, skipping the lemonade concentrate and adding a little lemon extract along with the lemon zest.

looking forward to the leftovers.

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