Sunday, July 25, 2010

japanese food

i tried to think of a creative title for this post for awhile. the thing is i just suck at thinking of creative/interesting titles. like on essays, you're supposed to have an interesting title to grab the attention of the reader but i usually just leave it blank. oops.

anyway, there are a lot of upsides of working at a michelin-rated restaurant. one of them is that i don't have to pay as much for really delicious yet expensive food. one downside is that i always want the food though. yet one more upside is that they give me really good ideas for recipes / sushi combinations so i can just recreate them. which is what i did last night.

i thought my dad took some pictures of the sushi but instead there's just this picture of me right after someone had called my name. cool.
anyway, besides the sushi i also made tempura shrimp and green beans, which can be seen at the very bottom of that picture. you know what's fun? panko! so fun and crunchy and makes tempura so much better.

today i worked the lunch shift and every time someone orders a california salad, i die / crave it so badly. it is made up of spring mix, cucumbers, tofu, crab, and avocado, with miso-tahini dressing. IT IS SO SO DELICIOUS. so i recreated that for lunch, except with salmon instead of crab because who keeps crab at their house?
for the miso-tahini dressing, i combined mainly soybean paste & tahini (essentially sesame butter), mirin (or sherry), rice vinegar, soy sauce, lemon juice, some sugar/honey, and some water to thin it. it's really deliciously addictive dressing.
EXCEPT I FORGOT THE AVOCADO!!! so when i had yet another salad for dinner i made sure to eat it with avocado.
also i made tempura tofu because there was a lot of extra tofu and also extra tempura batter and extra tempura sauce. everything was really effing good.

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  1. nomnom
    cpk and i made donkatsu last week and now we have the bulldog sauce. my favvvvorite.