Thursday, September 2, 2010

the pieces are coming together

photos by yooni. text by nicole.

as of right now, 6 famiree members can be found in the general new york vicinity. as of 5pm today, 3 famiree members could be found at 207 2nd avenue, aka MOMOFUKU SSÄM BAR.

the bo ssäm is a special menu item, and you can only sign up for it one week in advance. it's a big pork shoulder served family style to 5-10 people. read more about it here!
before the bo ssäm we started with a few appetizers, namely:
-steamed pork buns – pork belly, hoisin, cucumber, scallion
-another steamed bun that was not on the menu that had crispy pork, mayo, tomato, radishes.
-warm silken tofu – heirloom tomatoes, myoga, watermelon

then the bo ssäm came out. a whole pork shoulder, slow roasted for many hours, served with a dozen oysters, steamed rice, bibb lettuce, and four sauces: kimchi, kimchi purée, ginger scallion sauce, and "korean bbq sauce"

from top to bottom; left to right: famiree's famiree, warm silken tofu, famiree, oysters, pork buns, famiree's famiree.

at the end there were only a few bits of fat-soaked pork left. i couldn't let them go to waste (oh god i really am my father's daughter, aren't i), so i took them home to eat later. even though we were sufficiently stuffed, we tried a couple cookies at neighboring momofuku milk bar to finish off the meal.

as if your mouth isn't watering enough, here's one last picture of the pork shoulder, right as it came out.
this is making me hungry. i'm glad i took those leftovers.


  1. Sad to have missed this dinner. Will have to try it another day. Nice meeting you all last night

  2. you'd have to foot the bill. better make bank