Wednesday, November 3, 2010

PUMPKIN PANCAKES aka heaven in pancake form

Terren made us pumpkin pancakes yesterday. They were amazing. Photos sort of speak for themselves. Here's the recipe she used for the pancakes! Some tips: you can make your own pumpkin puree (just mash up the cooked insides of a pumpkin!) and your own buttermilk (one tablespoon vinegar to one cup milk). Also, double or triple the recipe. If you have giant famiree. Or just if you enjoy eating. And get someone great at flipping pancakes (Nicole) to do the actual cooking.
I made some candied walnuts to put on top. They are really easy to make and extremely tasty. All you do is put some walnuts in a pan with sugar. I used brown sugar and some ground cinnamon and cloves. You stir it until the sugar magically starts to liquify. Yooni is better at it than I am... a lot of the sugar didn't quite adhere to the walnuts. Still tasty though.
Round two. Hi pumpkin!
THEN Nicole and Terren made cinnamon butter to go with it! All you do is mix cinnamon, sugar and brown sugar in melty butter and refrigerate it so it congeals again.
They also made vanilla maple syrup by adding vanilla extract to maple syrup. Oh we fancy, huh?

Aaaand we got some pumpkin seeds out of the deal! We roasted them in the oven later with olive oil and salt a variety of different seasonings (cumin, "country herbs", chili powder, soy sauce).