Monday, May 9, 2011

Dim sum and shaved ice! Our flushing adventure.

Guess what time it is? It's I-have-a-paper-due-tomorrow-so-of-course-I'm-going-to-blog-tonight time! You gotta take some time away from your serious stuff so you can come back to it with fresh eyes - hence, the sudden increase of blog posts around midterms and finals.

This past saturday, our lovely lady Steph invited us to her stomping grounds: FLUSHING.

We took a brief tour around the Flushing mall before getting dim sum.

Just open up the top and leave it at the edge of your table for a speedy refill.

The place we went to for dim sum was called Asian Jewels Seafood Restaurant. She said it gets really crowded on the weekends, and even though the restaurant was HUGE, there was a 20~ minute wait. Nicole advises going at 11, right before the lunch peak.

A few memorable dishes: fried taro root, deep fried dough wrapped in noodles (although this was probably the dish that bumped up our bill by a lot), eggplant with fried shrimp inside and dan tat (of course).

Expect to pay around $15 a head here. Bring a big crowd so you can order more kinds of dim sum. Seriously guys, variety is the spice o' life. And boy, do I love spice.

Steph took us to her favorite shave ice place, a Malaysian restaurant called Sentosa. I really liked how it came in a cup. I really did not like how big the red beans were. And I really do not know how I feel about the corn that was at the bottom.

Regardless, grab it to go for $4.

We dropped by the Hong Kong supermarket to pick up some supplies - mainly Hooroorook instant noodles and asian drinks. Oh look, the chocopie is on sale! Anyone? Anyone at all?


  1. Oh my! I remember the good ol' days in Flushing. Great photos, but I wish I could see what you had at Dim Sum. :)

  2. I wanted to, but we were a bit more concerned with eating - whoops!
    Although we do go quite often, so hopefully we'll do a giant haul on the type of dim sum we usually get.

  3. One of the highlights for me was the loh mai fan. Super sticky and delicious. Reminded me of home. nomnomnom.

  4. i love din sum especially if its to avoid doing an assignment