Monday, July 25, 2011

Noryangjin Fish Market: Seoul

This past Saturday, my friend Andrew and I went to the Noryangjin Seafood Market. Basically, it's a giant warehouse where individual vendors sell their goodz. IT WAS SO KOREAN AND GREAT. It's kind of nice to see that, despite how modernized Seoul is today, there are still some things that stay the same. For the seafood you can eat raw, they will prepare it for you on the spot (aka you point to the fish you want, they kill it, and five minutes later it's artfully plated). Watching that happen in a matter of minutes was somewhat unsettling, but at least Andrew and I ate dinner before watching that in full. We ate at a restaurant in the warehouse: spicy seafood soup, fish, unlimited panchan, and rice all for 7,000 won (less than $6). I was so full afterwards I could barely thrust my body forward. Here are some blurry iPhone photos of the market:

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