Tuesday, January 31, 2012


...and in paris! i have returned to chronicle my latest food endeavor: a new batch of macarons each week. i figure that will give me enough time and tries to master them. i don't have class on tuesdays, so that will be my macaron day.

i have made macarons a few times, undaunted by the comments that it is a very specific art: one stir too many and they're ruined. must've been beginner's luck, because the first two times they came out fine and delicious without too much grief. the next time, though, they were a disaster.

mustered up the courage to attempt again today. failed miserably, again. going to have to try a little harder next time, it seems. it was still fun though. for example, TIL: there is only one type of powdered sugar at monoprix, and it comes in a container like this:

anyway, stay tuned until next tuesday, when i will (hopefully) have something more exciting to share! and i hope my counterparts abroad will also soon return to chronicle all things famiree time. until then.


  1. those sugar containers are hella weird. this is a good thing to master, i expect perfect macarons by fall! im sticking with you, girl!

  2. yes i cant wait to reap the benefits of this endeavor.

    i mean, 'help.'

  3. that means it's your turn terr, POST ABOUT CARNIVAL

  4. NICOLE WHY ARE NOT YOU POSTING ABOUT THE MACARONS yesterday i saw a really fancy mcdonalds that was selling macarons -__- that were the size of a quarter for R$3 -__- i cannot use this face enuff. they were also selling apples. and cakes. in a cake glass case thingy. -__-