Tuesday, February 28, 2012

adventures in being classy as hale

hi famiree, and non-famiree lurkers (?), i don't know if the latter exist, but if so, hi to you also! if you can believe it, this is my debut on famireetime. i know, i am horribly lazy and this is quite overdue. hi, blog world! anyway, with so many culinary prodigies in famiree i always felt a bit intimidated to post, coupled with the fact that i cook so rarely. unless you count kraft mac n' cheese (WHICH I DO). once, i tried to microwave hershey's kisses in the microwave with the foil still on. in my defense, i was 14, but this may give you some clue as to how much natural kitchen prowess i have. (read: none)

however, i have a lot of free time now that i am taking some time off from school and living in phoenix. i need some projects to challenge me, and cooking is one of them! my friend and i have started a weekly tradition of getting together and cooking dinner, and i've surprised myself how fun and relaxing it is when you have a partner in the kitchen. when i'm by myself i get scared and second guess myself, but more on that another time.

last night we made a delicious flatbread with balsamic, prosciutto, goat cheese, caramelized onions, and basil. spoiler alert: IT WAS QUALITY. really easy, really delicious, and really really classy.

YOU WILL NEED: (for two small flatbreads)
1 yellow onion
about 3/4 a tablespoon brown sugar for caramelizin'
1 tablespoon of salt
balsamic vinegar
some goat cheese
a lil package of prosciutto
fresh basil
2 small flatbreads (we got ours from whole foods but if you're feeling ambitious you can use dough, or make your dough from scratch! we're not at that level just yet)

the whole process is pretty intuitive, but if you're a noob like me, listen up:
cut up yo onion, and heat a medium skillet with some olive oil and a small amount of butter. listen to that sizzle! throw in your onions and let them sit for a bit, then add your brown sugar and salt. stir. let em get nice and brown and caramelized. we let ours sit for longer than normal but that just made them extra sweet and delicious when paired with the bitter balsamic.
wash your basil. get your flatbreads ready! we poured some balsamic on to start (eyeball it), added the onions, goat cheese, and strips of prosciutto. pre-heat your oven to 400 F, and then throw those babies in. we let them sit for about 7 minutes, enough to warm everything up, let the cheese get soft and melty, and the prosciutto crispy and delicious. take them out and top with basil and a drizzle of more balsamic!

EAT AND ENJOY. this is seriously good. and truly easy!

into ze oven

protip: enjoy with wine! we chose a cheap chardonnay from my local sketchy liquor store. see, classy as hale!


  1. holy yum my mouth is watering but i'm so full my brain and my stomach so conflicted

  2. you are feeding this to me when i see you again

  3. i keep thinking that this says "classy as kale"