Saturday, June 19, 2010

Eggs Benedict

eggs benedict

This is the eggs benedict that I mentioned in the last post. The recipe for the vegetable eggs benedict is available on Sprouted Kitchen. We ended up using a hollandaise sauce instead of the bell pepper one - we also used lime instead of lemon juice. Girl gotta use what she has at hand.

On the side is an apple chicken sausage with feta cheese. The sausage was a bit too sweet for my tastes, but it went well with eggs benedict.

Poaching the eggs was quite an adventure. I completely botched it the first time, because the whites broke and became too wispy. The second time, with Caroline's help, I cooked it in the spatula. The issue then was the egg sticking to the sides of the spatula. In my third attempt, I put more water in the spatula, but still had the problem of it sticking to the spoon. It was fine, but scrubbing the egg residue later was annoying. Does anyone have a fool-proof method of poaching eggs? Please share.

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