Tuesday, June 22, 2010

happy father's day, here's a pint of blood!

a couple years ago, my dad asked for a pint of blood for his birthday. and by that he meant he wanted my brother and i to each donate blood in his honor (neither of us had done so before). my dad donates regularly, but my mom doesn't because she gets queasy around needles, and so does my brother, so i figured i would be too. but then i realized that i was totally fine with getting shots etc., so i signed up for my high school's blood drive. and it was totally fine. i give blood regularly because it's a quick and painless way to help other people out, and it reminds me of my dad which is nice.

so in honor of this father's day, my dad and i are donating blood together. cute father-daughter bonding activity, no? i gave him this card. kinda ugly but hey i made it quickly.

i'm a fan of the paper-cut cursive right now.. though it's a BITCH to glue since the paper is so skinny and fragile.

except for when i gave it to him, he didn't realize it was a pint of blood, and thought it meant i was giving him a pint of ice cream. (his other present was an ice cream maker / the ice cream that i promised to make him from it. i actually just bought the ice cream maker for myself)

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  1. that is too cute. shit. i still need to make my dad a card.