Wednesday, September 22, 2010

coney island

we have a list of things to do before we enter the months-long period of time that dominates most of the year and makes us forget what the sun looks like (not like we ever look at the sun.. but anyway, you get the point).

on that list was "go to coney island"--as of the weekend before last, check! the weather gods were in our favor as it was in the high 70's and sunny. the public transportation gods were not, on the other hand, as the last leg of the Q was out of service and we had to take a shuttle bus. it was nice to see that area of brooklyn (looks like a lot of fun! must go back.) but also it took foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
the coney island part of coney island was a little sad. the cyclone was $8. no thanks. the rest of the rides were really baby and basically county fair-esque. not to say they wouldn't be fun; we would've gone on them if we had more time. but we didn't.
first got some food on the boardwalk (nathan's hot dogs for yooni + terren, peruvian chicken for the rest of us that was DELICIOUS, btw) and then beached. probably due to the fact that it wasn't absurdly hot (in new yorkers' minds, though perfectly warm for us californians) and the subway was a fail, it wasn't crowded at all.
seeing the ocean was lovely. the water was about as cold as stinson beach which is fine when there are waves to mangle in, but kind of boring when there's not. oh well, still refreshing. we mostly just laid out in the sun, read, and people watched (primarily cute babies & vendors selling "coronas coronas," "mangoes mangoes," and "empanadas empanadas").

day = success.

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