Friday, September 17, 2010


On most nights when we feed da famiree we try to consider what veggies we have left from the CSA in planning our meals. This is what we've come up with this week. 
We had somewhere around 5 pounds of potatoes so we decided on potatoes au gratin, which Nicole made. It was so yummy. Then we used up a lot of the remaining greens in a salad - lettuce, mizuna, radish tops and radishes. The sauteed vegetables made use of the tomatoes and then we ate the last of the corn.
Tonight I made something like udon. It had udon noodles in it. But also other stuff. I put in some extra noodles, bok choy, the last of the mizuna (finally!), tofu, onions, scallions, some other stuff I can't recall, spices and such, soy sauce... and finally an EGG! so so good and eggy. 
In the new batch of CSA veggies we got today, there was so much mint. So we just finished making (and eating) our mint pesto brownies. Those were interesting. But good and minty and green.

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