Thursday, May 19, 2011


 Anthony, my foodie friend from high school, was in town so I took the opportunity to go to a restaurant that I've had my eye on since seeing it on Unique Eats on the Cooking Channel. The last time I was at the Meatball Shop I was with a different friend from out of town, but we couldn't get in even after waiting for over an  hour because of a party of 30+ for a birthday party. (No worries, we {me + him + his girlfriend + his girlfriend's friend} spent the time drinking two pitchers of frozen margaritas at El Sombrero). Thankfully, we got seated immediately as we got there.

What you can expect:

  • fun menu that you can write on with dry erase markers to place your order
  • a lot of other people
  • relatively quick service considering how many people will be there
  • a waitress who insists on the desserts
  • really hip customers in black and super tight jeans running in and out of the restaurant for a smoke break (well, duh. you're in the lower east side)
  • approximately $15 for straight up food, no drinks. 

Seriously guys. It was so creamy and absolutely delicious - I really can't say enough about it. The meatballs were good but merely scored an "OK" in comparison to the polenta. Holy shit, guys. So good.

I hope that Anthony and I were not the anomaly for getting seated and served so quickly. I highly recommend it for a fun, cheap outing with friends. And thanks to Anthony for taking these pictures! It really isn't fair how the iphone4 takes such good pictures in comparison to my sad htc hero.

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