Friday, May 20, 2011

V-Nam Cafe

So my food adventure with Anthony wasn't quite over...
We decided to walk to Chelsea Market from the Meatball Shop and on the way we fatefully passed by V-Nam Cafe. I had seen this comic review in the Village Voice just the other week as I was cutting up publications to make collages. It obviously caught my eye because it was a comic and it claimed to have really spicy banh-mi. I honestly take it as a challenge when someplace claims to have the spiciest of anything SO OF COURSE I NEEDED TO TRY IT. The chance just so happened right after eating 4 giant meatballs and a bowl of polenta.

The thing that they added to make the sandwich spicier than its peers is a bunch of thai peppers that were marinated in (what I think is) fish sauce. Their roast pork wasn't as good as I'm used to having in my sandwich - alas Dorthy, we are no longer in San Jose; and the bread isn't very crusty so the extra banh mi that I ordered to go didn't keep very well. On the upside, the bread was warm and just crispy enough when they first served it.

The verdict: YOU SHOULD GET BANH MI AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY, just don't take this one to go.


  1. but how spicy was it???? CLIFFHANGER

  2. it wasn't, but it was still good. numnumnum.